Menu: Week 38

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In spite of all the cold weather we’ve been having, I have a little bit of springtime on my window sill. Last Easter I bought some hyacinths for my table. Once they died, I stuck the pots out by the gardening shed and forgot about them.  A few weeks ago, just as the freeze was about to settle in (this is Louisiana –  it doesn’t happen too often in a winter) I happened to see them sprouted and getting ready to bloom. I brought them inside to set in my kitchen window and they have been blooming magnificently ever since. Now I am so ready for spring so I can get my hands in the dirt, however non-green my thumbs are. 
Anywho, here’s my menu for the week. Hope you get some inspiration and share yours with me! 
This Week's Menu
Day 1:
Crawfish Pie
Mixed Greens Salad

Day 2:
Huevos Rancheros

Day 3:
Sirloin Steak Salad
Barbecued Sweet Potato Chips
Day 4: 
Chicken & Andouille Gumbo
Potato Salad

Day 5:
Red Beans & Rice

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